In 1968, in the Oltrisarco district of Bolzano, a group of friends who loved singing and the mountains met more and more frequently, creating a choral group that was as improvised as it was spontaneous. In a short time they decided to make it official and, under the guidance of Don Tarcisio Valduga, they created the Castel Flavon Choir.

In a short time, what was previously a small group of friends turned into an established and respected choir, starting a series of concerts both in Italy and abroad. The real change of gear in the group took place in 1989, when Giuseppe Debiasi took the presidency and then in 1991, the change of direction, which passed into the capable hands of the well-known South Tyrolean musician Loris Bortolato. The symbiosis of these two music lovers gave the choir a real boost, both in the technical level and in the organization of trips with established choirs all over the world.

In addition to touching all European countries, the choir also performed in countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Cuba, Brazil and always representing the popular mountain culture, expressed through singing. There have also been many concerts held in the presence of Italian emigrants in the various countries. Two very important moments for the choir were the concert in the presence of Pope John Paul II and the concert held at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome.

In the local field, the choir proposed projects mainly aimed at mountain singing enthusiasts. "Montagna di Poesia" (Mountain of Poetry) (2002) was the name of the first one, which took place not only in the theatres, but also in the squares of the cities and in the mountain huts, which included the publication of a book, a CD, rigorously recorded live. Another project in 2009 was the International Folk Singing Festival, with the participation of prestigious Italian and foreign choirs in various suggestive locations in South Tyrol. Over the years, the Castel Flavon Choir has invited hundreds of folk and mountain choirs to Bolzano, organizing every year the Spring and Autumn Festival and two Christmas carols festivals in December.