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It was in the mid-fifties, when a small group of mountain singing enthusiasts, ordinary people from different social backgrounds, met more and more frequently and sang one song after another. All this on an amateur level, but day after day it was getting better and better, so that in 1957 the group, by now numerous, decided to give itself a name. May 27th is the foundation day. The name of the choir?  "Laurino".

After a few months the first RAI audition and then gradually competitions, concerts all over Europe and Latin America, on Swiss and German TV, performances in theatrical contexts to spread and make known the mountain folk singing, an authentic and true cultural heritage, more than a thousand performances.

The Coro Laurino has, in this way, contributed to make this cultural heritage known, spread and keep it alive, remaining faithful to the authentic repertoire proposed in the harmonizations of illustrious musicians who have written the history of this popular tradition, such as Luigi Pigarelli, Antonio Pedrotti, Renato Dionisi, Andrea Mascagni and Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli.

He celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of foundation with a concert proposed to the prestigious choir of the SAT, at which was presented the publication of the book "Vos tu venir in Merica" with attached the latest CD.

The trip in 2018 to St. Petersburg and Moscow shows that the staff, over time increasingly thinned, is no longer sufficient to ensure a stable continuity.

In this way a more and more intense dialogue is established with another choir that is experiencing, more or less, the same difficulties. We are talking about the Castel Flavon Choir, founded in 1968, which together with Laurino gives life, in 2019, to the Catinaccio Choir, in which the two groups join forces, or rather, their voices, and with the same passion, without interruption, keep alive and carry on the cultural heritage represented by the mountain singing.